Civil / Earthworks

Orchard removal

HN Landbou has a specialist fleet with highly skilled operators to remove orchards
and vineyards with cost-efficiencies in mind.

Orchard Removal   Orchard Removal 1

Drainage and irrigation

HN Landbou designs and installs drainage systems for the agricultural industry.
They are also able to install main lines for irrigation systems.

Drainage Irrigation 2   Drainage Irrigation 1   

Soil preparation

HN Landbou offers ripping and digging services for the development of new orchards and vineyards.
They also specialize in ridging for the fruit, vineyard and berry industry. They also have equipment for planting poles.

Soil Preparation1   Soil Preparation 2

Dam construction

HN Landbou is specialists in dam construction of any size. They have vast experience
in the dam-building industry and pride themselves in delivering quality end products every time.

Dam Construction 1   Dam Construction 2


HN Landbou has two chippers that are capable of delivering either chips or mulch.

Chipping   Chipping 1

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Petrus Naude: 072 463 9128

Hugo Naude: 082 955 2662